Project Influences

There are many internal and external influences over a project’s success. The affect can be subtle or intense and often fluctuates over time. We identify those who have influence over the project, including those who have a right to be heard early in the process. We map out the communication needs of those stakeholders and determine what methods are best suited for successful stakeholder engagement and relationship building.

Data Mining

There are several essential components of any healthy business relationship, and any perceived gaps could delay a project from getting underway.  We connect with the community and stakeholders to determine awareness levels, uncover knowledge gaps and identify cultural concerns that may exist.  When the data is complete, our clients know how stakeholders feel about them and can tailor dialogue to address specific concerns and gain the support required for project success.

The Plan

Developing stakeholder trust is an essential business component that can’t be left to chance and can’t be ignored. Our clients are provided with a tailored Project Relations plan that details current stakeholder environments, has specific strategies to build stakeholder relationships and includes a delivery framework merged with project goals and objectives, as well as budget and schedule. During the life of the project, this plan is implemented with care and precision.

Social License

Earning the trust of others is a modern business practice that is embraced and strategically employed by successful leaders around the Globe. These trendsetters are connecting with their communities in ways that demonstrate a desire to listen, includes the opinions of others when shaping a future that affects them and, as a result, they are experiencing the benefits that come from a deeper understanding and awareness of one another. When stakes are high, leaving such a fundamental business element to chance is a gamble that frequently leads to delays and cost overruns, as well as a loss in credibility and a damaged reputation. We guide project teams through the social license approval process and provide ongoing support to project leaders.

Project Changes

From the day a project is announced publicly, it’s inevitable that there will be changes. There will be new issues, new hot spots, new direction, new legislation and regulations. Within the first year, as milestones are reached and the project evolves, the Pure team gathers data for analysis. If required, changes to the Project Relations plan are recommended to better meet project goals and objectives.