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Pure Project Relations first opened its doors in May 2014 as the only full-service public relations firm on Cape Breton Island. Pure is more than a PR firm. We saw a gap and knew we had the expertise to fill it.  That gap was project frameworks and helping project teams connect with their communities.

Learning from the country’s largest and most intensive remediation project – Sydney Tar Ponds Project – Pure has developed a project framework that can be applied to small, one-off projects, to the largest and complex projects.

Pure tailors project frameworks to each client, ensuring that you are connecting, right from the start.

A powerhouse of skilled and experienced professionals, we are lifelong learners committed to bringing innovative solutions that strengthen reputations.

What about the Public Relations? Projects may be our sweet spot, but Pure is ready to meet all your PR needs.

Tanya Seajay MCM

Founder and CEO

Tanya is the founder of the term Project Relations and is the President & CEO of Pure Project Relations Inc., an innovative company specializing in connecting project teams with their outside world.  She has developed frameworks and strategies that have built trust and credibility. When implemented with care, these methods and techniques minimized project delays and cost overruns.

Tanya knows the value of connecting right from the start and specializes in creating stakeholder solutions for clients within the extractive industry and other complex, large-scale projects.