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Orenda Software Solutions offers a new approach to online brand and reputation monitoring. Focused on insight rather than information, Orenda communicates the findings so that anyone can understand how online conversations impact their brand. This provides leaders with the knowledge required for faster and more effective decision-making.

Founder, Tanya Collier MacDonald, came up with the idea for the software when she experienced first-hand how social media impacts both the perception and progress of a brand over time.

By automating the process of mining, evaluating, and reviewing online social data the user is presented with refined, comprehensive data. Orenda eliminates the need for teams to comb through large amounts of data manually in sense of context.

The analysis process categorizes social data then scores it according to corporate and industry standards, applying numerical metrics to data that previously could not be quantified and tested. Each category measured by Orenda has been proven as a factor to building and maintaining a healthy relationship between an organization, company, or individual and their consumers or stakeholders. 

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