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October 04, 2016
written by Tanya

I’m rebranding. It’s typically a change many corporations undergo for many reasons, including a calculated risk to communicate a new message during a pivotal point in the company’s growth. My thought, how often does a person get to rebrand themselves, to communicate a new message that also acknowledges amazing moments in their life?

I wanted to create something new, to give myself the power as an independent woman to select a unique surname that symbolizes my greatest love and endless commitment. My new brand is quite personal and powerful. It’s an eternal tribute to the two most important people in my life, and the sweetest combination of my greatest joys and proudest moments. My boys.

So, my new surname…

C is for Cameron

J is for Jonathan

C = Sea: beautiful, often mysterious, open and essential for life

J = Jay: an intelligent and resourceful bird that flies free

Along with the initials of my sons’ names being converted into words, there is still another layer behind my new surname. Jonathan loves to swim, and Cameron loves to fly airplanes. Some of my fondest memories are of Jonathan diving into the waves along many Cape Breton shores, and Cameron flying high and working incredibly hard to become a pilot this summer. These are memories that never fade with time, and always bring me instant joy.



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How to buy sildenafil in Houston