Risk the World

November 25, 2013
written by Tanya Collier MacDonald

Recently, I made a personal pledge to refrain from saying the words “somebody should” for one year. Instead, I must use the words “how can I/we.” The result was instantly transformational both mentally and emotionally.  Instead of waiting for someone, I got to act right away. In fact, I felt quite liberated and opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. By repeating those words, I could see the potential my community has and is just aching to contribute.

When I made the leap from a good paying job to start a company that enabled me to do something I love everyday, my pledge was quite fresh in my mind. To say I was uncomfortable starting a business and a new concept from scratch would be mild. It felt like I was risking the world my husband and I built for our family…mostly because I was. There were some scary days, exciting days, scary days and more scary days.

But during those early times, I never had a single person say that they didn’t believe in what I was doing. Instead all I heard was “if anyone can.”

The importance of that strong support during that roller coaster ride is immeasurable. At 4 a.m. in the morning when I was staring into the darkness and doubting, those words helped me to eventually find peace.  I never felt pressure from the support, only sincere enthusiasm from my strongest influencers.

Now, several months in, Pure has what we affectionately refer to as our community managers. They’ve transitioned from motivating us through the early stage, to helping us grow by spreading the word and recommending our services to potential clients. They want us to succeed and we know it.  And if there are any cynics that cross our path, they become noise in the background; they have the kind of attitudes that hurt communities, not build them.

Although I’ll remain uncomfortable about risking the world for many more years to come, I’m comforted by the knowledge that my community is contributing to our future in every way they can. And knowing that, I’d risk the world again. – Tanya Collier MacDonald

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