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October 17, 2013
written by Tanya Collier MacDonald

There is this woman with a gentle step and a soulful smile that compels passerbys to smile back. She is the kind of woman who arrives in a community and stands in its streets, waiting for the vibe to take her away to its special places. When she sees a damaged brick abandoned on a broken sidewalk, she knows that the area has history and that brick has served a noble purpose. When she looks and sees an empty storefront, she borrows colours from her imagination and paints its dreary walls. Within three simple breaths, the building is alive with colour and its naked shelves are filling up with possibilities.

When she walks into a local pub, patrons intuitively know that she’s, “not from around here.” They glance in her direction, but quickly return to the comfortable conversation of the day, leaving her story a mystery. While she waits for a refreshing brew, her eyes never stop searching; her ears never stop listening for clues that direct her closer to knowing the inner secrets of this beautiful place.

Before she reaches the bottom of her glass, the horn blows and she is forced to hustle back to her waiting ship. She feels cheated, like she missed out on the story of what truly makes her latest destination one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

She should.

We, as an island, often miss opportunities to share our story with influential minds.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Today, the team at Pure and I are completely committed to helping create a new vibe that inspires optimism in our people and our place in this world. We strongly believe that Cape Breton is a magical island and its residents are magical too.

It’s easy to be here. It’s easy to love here. It’s easy to dream here.

Doing, now that’s where we need to join together to make things happen. I say often that it takes a village to raise an entrepreneur and my village is Cape Breton. That’s right, look out world! From the first day that I opened this company, my “village” has contributed in the most giving ways. Not by handing over a bag of cash, but in small ways that make a big difference, like making a phone call that opens a door, or bringing someone else’s trash and helping me transform it into an office treasure.  Ask me when you see me next and I’ll tell you one of the best-kept secrets about this island and that is if you simply ask for help, pure magic can happen.

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