Jacquie’s Farewell

March 30, 2016
written by The Pure Team

For those who don’t know, our wonderful creative director Jacquie, has begun a new adventure, and as of today has moved to New Zealand.

Though our team here at Pure and Orenda will miss Jacquie terribly, we are immensely proud of her. She will still be working with us remotely on part-time basis, though our office will never be the same. Jacquie consistently went above and beyond her job description, always open to helping team members and clients with projects that didn’t necessarily require graphic design work. Her dedication to the art of graphic design was displayed in the quality of work that she continuously produced during her two years with us.

Jacquie, you have left a lasting impression on each of us. Your courage and confidence have inspired us to ask ourselves, why not me? Thank you for being you- we wish you the best of luck.

“Your humour, creativity, and general awesomeness will definitely be missed. New Zealand is lucky to have you- happy adventuring.”

“You’re an extremely talented and hard working person. Your pizzazz will be missed around here.”

“Hope your adventure is filled with excitement and a lifetime of memories.”

“Thank you for making me feel so welcome here. I am so glad I was able to work with such a talented person. You taught me the importance of great design work and let me observe your creativity at work.”

“A pleasure to work with, as well as a good friend. Know that I really relied on your perspective and point of view. Thank you for leading by example.”

“Thank you for being my friend and confidant. Your certainty in yourself and your abilities are something I admire greatly. You will be missed daily.”

“To me, an artist is never really gone completely, they always leave a piece of their soul behind. I like that thought, Jac.”

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