Chimes and Time

January 08, 2014
written by Tanya Collier MacDonald

When you spend more than an hour in my home, you will hear a chime that takes you back to a time when telephones had cords and there was only one television that was shared by the entire family.
The sound is from our dining room clock and it drives some of our visitors crazy. The more curious of the bunch will ask why I have it set to chime so often. The answer is simple – it’s my instant reminder of how quickly time passes. And when I spend too much time thinking about what I could have done and didn’t, it will chime again. It can be maddening.
But the thing is, that beautiful chime can be the end of an hour, or the start of a new one. With the latter, a mind opens to the possibilities of what can be instead of what could have been. It can be invigorating.
Starting a new year is a lot like that. We can spend a lot of time thinking about what we should have done in 2013 and didn’t get to, or we can use that energy to do something great in 2014. Let’s do something great.
I had the fortune of speaking with an influential Cape Breton businessman four years ago and his words stuck with me. He said that a healthy life should have four components: work, family, community and person. The volume of one may be skewed at times, but it all balances out eventually. With this New Year underway, my goal is to add more life into each of my four parts. I could list my four goals here, but I’d rather if we spent this time on you.

Fill in these blanks:
My work life would be more fulfilling if I _____________________________.
My family would benefit if I _______________________________________.
My community needs me to ______________________________________.
I’m going to help me by _________________________________________.

Answers can be simple. Actions take effort.

The Pure Team would like to wish you and your family a peaceful and prosperous 2014. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

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